How to Survive the Recession!

Hi all, following is a letter from my mentor, MLM Guru Ankur Agarwal.
As much as it is a personal communication I'm sure you will appreciate,
the wisdom he put into this letter. Read on to find out :-

Hey Anthony,

"I had to take a quick minute to write this email to you
and give you my perspective on whats been happening with
the economy lately.

I mean, you see SO MUCH fear being propagated everywhere,
you see so much crap on the news every day, that it's tough
to know what's really going on and get different perspectives
on the matter.

All I want to do is give you my take on it, and the reality
I'm experiencing, so all this FEAR being shoved down your
throat every day can be seen in a different light.

First off... I could CARE LESS what is happening in the economy.
Do you want to know why? Because I FULLY realize that my
financial situation and how much wealth I can create has
NOTHING to do with what the masses are doing or what is
happening in the economy.

Throughout HISTORY... some of the greatest fortunes have been
made in massive times of financial stress.

Think about it this way... Money does not just DISAPPEAR.
No one is out there burning up money. Money is exchanging
hands. When one group of people is losing money... another
group is making it.

ALL that is happening on our planet right now is a transfer
of wealth. I can almost guarantee it, and it's something
I've foreseen happening for a long time.

And quite frankly... I am HAPPY things are the way they are
right now. You want to know why... because the TRUTH is
starting to emerge.

For the last 20 years America has been living on ILLUSIONARY
money. People buy MORE than they can afford because they
are borrowing money to buy it.

And same trend is being followed all over the world now...

It's money they don't really have. They buy things that
are not in alignment with the 'liquid capital' they create
on a monthly basis.

All that's happening now is all that 'fake money' people
thought they had is DRYING UP.

I can clearly see that this country is going to be reduced
a lot more to it's 'Liquid Cash Flow', and I personally think
that is a GREAT THING.

Often times we get very confused...

We think that in order to be worthy we have to have a nice
big car or a big house like our sister has, or our brother

We think we need to go on that same vacation the neighbors
went on so we too can appear as if we're 'Doing Good'.

Obviously it's not everyone who falls into these sorts of
traps... but clearly ENOUGH people have let their eyes and
desires get much bigger than their wallets.

All what's happening right now is reality is coming home
to roost. And frankly, I'm ALL FOR IT.

You want to know why?

Because it spells MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY unlike we have seen
for a long time. Especially for people in network marketing.

Here's what I see happening in our world...

1. Money transferring from "old money" to NEW MONEY.
Average entrepreneurs just like me and you are popping up a
DIME a dozen now a days... and more people than ever before
are becoming wealthy because of it.

2. The network marketing industry is truthfully set for an

As traditional jobs dry up, pay less, and loans get tighter...

Where are people going to be turning for REAL opportunity?

Seriously... think about it. Where are all the ambitious
people out there going to be turning when they decide to take
their financial life into their own hands once all the loans
have dried up and the job market is producing zilch for

Well... I can TELL YOU.

They will be coming back to the INTERNET to research alternative
income streams and guess who's going to be there to mop them up?
YOU WILL BE if you have purchased any of my courses and know
how to do what I do.

Because while all this economy 'doom and gloom' has been
going on over the last few weeks I have done nothing but make
money. I have seen steady people coming into my businesses,
steady money coming in every day, and it's because I positioned
myself in FRONT of the masses.

I can foresee what is happening in our world... and am setting
myself up to benefit from it all greatly.

- By educating myself more and more everyday.
- By upgrading my skills more and more everyday.
- By learning new marketing tactics and methods to generate
leads and acquire customers everyday.

By doing all of this I am positioned in front of ALL the
professionals who just lost their jobs in the real estate
industry, the banking industry, and probably the soon to be
'credit card industry'.

And you have that EXACT same opportunity in front of you.
Trust me, there are FORTUNES being made as we speak.
The only question is... which philosophy do you want to
prescribe to?

Which path do you want to travel down?

Do you want the path of scarcity and fear?

or do you want the path of abundance and appreciation?

It's really that simple. Once you pick which path you are
traveling down... just eradicate everything else from your
mind that is counter to your CHOICE.

Reality is what you make of it.

Your beliefs will shape YOUR OWN LIFE 100x more than what is
happening on the TV.

Look at the world's economy. Regardless of the money being
transfered away from bankers and over priced real estate...
look at how much MONEY is just in the basic infrastructure
of our world. Look at all the essential and basic jobs
we need in order to survive as a species.

Food always needs to be grown, construction needs to happen,
people need to man airports, garbage needs to be collected and
picked up, plumbing, electricity, education... the list just
goes on and on and on.

There is SO MUCH MONEY constantly in circulation that if you
allow yourself to be fear mongered into a corner then you
don't deserve to have any of it anyway. :)

Sorry to be so blunt, but I have no tolerance for so much of
the lunacy we see on that TV on a daily basis.

And to set the record straight... YES, there will be some
hard times.

YES, things will probably get a bit tighter for a while
depending on who you are and where you worked. But all of
that has as much meaning as you give it.

The point is... a true successful person and entrepreneur
always holds THEMSELVES accountable for what they create.
I have a DEEP faith in myself.

I have a DEEP faith in the universe, and the fact that it
WILL provide for me.

I don't concern my self with fear. If my life is meant to
change, if my business is meant to fail, if I'm meant to
not make any money here any more... Then so be it.

I'll do something else. I'll go where I'm being guided to
go. My faith is not in some specific job or company...

My faith is in that fact that the universe will ALWAYS provide.
My faith is in the fact I know I'm being guided in the
direction I need to be in. It's as simple as that.

This economy will not affect my life at all because I know
better. I know that there are fortunes that will be made
as wealth transfers from one group to another.

I know that our industry is going to be one of the last TRUE
sources of real opportunity for people who have far more
SPIRIT to invest than they do have money.

And I know that there is PLENTY of money and abundance out
there... you just have to want it bad enough and know the
'principles' of attaining it.

So that's my take on the economy.

And I 'Highly' suggest that if you're serious about 'Recession
Proofing' your business then you should LEARN how to use the
Internet to make money as soon as possible...

Free advertising like MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, and so much
more are going to become even BIGGER in the near future.

The Internet is literally going to be AWASH with people
looking to start businesses and earn more income. I seriously
predict there are going to be ENORMOUS amounts of people who
come online in the next 12-24 months.

If you DON'T want to learn how to use this medium to generate
consistent cash flow and new distributors for your business,
then you are seriously stuck in the 'dark ages' of business.

Good luck!

But if you're ready to learn how to profit like I do and
10x easier than most you can follow me!

In closing, Hopefully you took some value from today's message
about the economy...and where REAL wealth lies.

It doesn't lie within the talking heads on TV. It lies within
YOU. It lies within your knowledge, and your action.
Have incredible faith in yourself and it will take you to
incredible places.

We'll speak more in a bit...

Yours In Knowledge,
Ankur Agarwal.

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